Annie Meng

I like design & code

Hey! I'm Annie. (Or legally Zhiyu)

Currently a junior studying Digital Media Design (CS + Art) @ University of Pennsylvania and on exchange @ ETH Zurich, trying to survive CS Master classes.

Previously SWE intern @ Asana, Research Assistant @ Penn GSE.

From the land of ketchup chips and poutine (Toronto, Canada).

Interested in education and social impact.

Kayaking and tea fanatic.


Limbio | PennApps S'15

Reinforces and verifies physical therapy exercises by notifying contacts of missed practices and only accepting repetitions with correct form based on muscle readings from the Myo armband. (Placed in Top 30 of 200+ hacks)

Stack: JS (Node.js with Express), HTML, SASS

Links: Github | ChallengePost

Dead Simple Encryption | Google's Hack4Humanity

Easy drag and drop encryption cross-platform app that safely encrypts your private files by injecting them into other safe files local to your computer. No network needed, no learning curve. (Won "Most Creative Hack" and staff pick on ChallengePost)

Stack: HTML, SASS, JS, Python

Links: Github | ChallengePost

Maya Visualizer | Dec 2014

Extracts GDELT data on the progression of news stories around the world over time and produces a 3D keyframe animation on Maya

Stack: Python

PlayKit | Current

Compilation of mock websites and web design effects to practice front-end design & tutorials.


Links: Old Demo | Github

iCAN (Hack4Impact) | Sept - Dec 2014

Web application to facilitate high school student - mentor interaction and to monitor and keep track of tasks to reduce "summer melt" in Philadelphia.

Stack: Python, Flask, Jinja, SASS, JS

Links: Project Description | Github

NoteIt | Dec 2014

Extracts text from webpages to enable highlighting and note taking functionality. Save for later and see what notes corresponded to what highlight.

Stack: Jinja, SASS, jQuery, Python, Flask

Links: Github

Gestr | YHack F'14

Trigger personal Youtube playlists with hand gestures and automate play, pause and switching tracks. Using Leap Motion + Machine Learning

Stack: HTML, SASS, JS, Leap.js

Links: Demo (need Leap) | Github | ChallengePost

Brokemo | PennApps F'14

Venmo for the broke - IOU transactions with photo proof among Facebook Friends

Stack: HTML, SASS, JS, Parse

Links: Github

Decision Bot | Aug 2014

Web application to generate decisions with corresponding animation on input

Stack: Backbone.js, Underscore.js, JS, HTML, SASS

Links: Demo | Github

Coffee Time | Apr 2014

Time management game simulating a coffee shop by fulfilling random customer orders. Includes conveyor belt animation and tracking, grocery shopping and recipe book

Stack: Java

Links: Github